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Things I love…Fall Fashion!

Well Hello old friend! It’s that time again {I’m sure you have been waiting with bated breath, not} Things I love! With the start of school and a new semester I just can’t wait to start wearing fall clothes! It is going to be so nice to be able to walk outside for five minutes and not have sweat running down your forehead! gross! So here is a little peek at some fall fashion I will be sporting in the cooler weather.

1. Big Sweaters. I love sweaters so much, in fact it in 100 and something degrees outside right now and I am wearing a cardigan. I just think they are a great way to pull together a look as well as being modest and warm! I am obsessed with this anthro sweater on the left, too bad it is no longer available in the store or online {so sad} so we will just have to use it as inspiration. I also love this maxi skirt with the sweater on top, it’s a great way to use your summer maxi’s in the fall! It really makes a great look.

2. Blazers. I think blazers and jackets are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet! You can wear them  to work and then out on the town later. They can pull a look together and make you look instantly chic {Chic c’est la vie, sa bonne, sa bonne}! Still can’t get over this leather jacket in the middle! SO CUTE! 

3. Fur Vests. I know this may be pushing the edge for some of you out there, but really you should give fur {or faux fur} a chance. I think fur gives you instant confidence. It’s is totally rocker but it is also has a lot of elegance. Wear this with solid shirts or even a sheer blouse, go for it…get your Rachel Zoe on! 

4. Fall Pants. These JCrew cigarette pants are incredible. JCrew has a lot of different colors of these pants in their fall line including cobalt blue. I love the idea of mixing things up and having such bright colors be apart of your fall wardrobe! Can I just say,  I  love that wide leg pants are coming back!  They are so slimming and are really refreshing after years of skinnies {not that I am throwing mine away}. This look is best with a fitted top since the bottoms are already exaggerated. Prefect for the weekend…as well as those blazers, sweaters, and fur!

5. Accessories. How awesome are those messenger bags?! I think they are incredible! Too bad they have quite a steep price tags! I will be on the look out for something similar at H&M, F21 & Zara! Scarves work perfectly to freshen up an outfit! I personally own a lot of scarves {hoarding? nahh}. Some of my favorites are ones that I have picked up from my travels. I also love that they are affordable…really get your bang for the buck! Be on the look out for pretty silk ones for all of your new blazers! 

6. Nail Polish  My favorite part! This fall Chanel is coming out with three new blues for their fall line. This makes me so happy! If you are not wanting to spend $20+ on a bottle you may want to check Target for similar colors! Essie’s fall line is filled with muted neutrals. I can’t wait to try these out! {nail party!} 

Well there you have it. My favorite Fall Fashion of the season! I am by no means an expert…but, I hope you enjoyed my tips! I hope you  have a fabulous weekend, and make sure  head over to NorthPark to freshen up your fall wardrobe!

xoxo, green


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